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Custom cuts are available. Delivery for firewood is FREE within 45 minutes of our yard. We provide excellent service, prompt delivery, up to 2 bush cords at a time. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer.

Harvested Firewood

At Gaia’s Den, we believe in the co-creation of a sustainable forest by the mindful harvesting of trees.  Our firewood product is harvested from only dead, diseased or danger trees. By not harvesting too much at one time, by opening the canopy of our woodlot, & by removing diseased trees, we promote the growth of a healthy forest.

Locally Supplied Logs:

In order to maintain our sustainability standards & not over-harvest our woodlot, we mainly purchase logs from reliable, local suppliers who share our standards & practice sustainable forestry.  We process these logs into firewood & leave them to season for a year so that burnable firewood is always available for our customers, even during long, harsh winters. By buying wood locally, we reduce the spread of invading species & diseases that deplete our forests.


Wood Processing

We offer a service that supports our customers in cutting and splitting firewood from the wood supplier of your choice and we do so at your location.


For a flat rate fee plus fuel, we offer the service of accepting delivery of your pre-paid tandem loads at our yard, process your logs into firewood & deliver to your location. If you are looking for a tandem load of logs, ask us. We may be able to help out.


Proud to say we have bought 2 Canadian made wood processors!


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