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Bin Rentals

We supply metal bins for rental & provide a disposal service.  If you have construction or renovation materials, yard debris, or items from cleaning out your home, cottage or office, we can drop off a bin to your location. Having a bin for when you are re-shingling is particularly handy!  You sort your items & fill the bin.  We pick up the full bin & take it to the closest landfill site. Easy! We provide excellent service!


Bin Size

Our bins are large enough for bigger construction jobs & small enough to fit in most locations.  We provide 2 sizes of bins:  12' long X 8' wide X 4' high (256 cubic feet) or 13' long X 8' high x 5' high (520 cubic feet).

Bin Rental Cost

Call us to discuss reasonable rates.  There is a flat fee for drop off & pick up, a daily rental rate & the tipping fees required by the landfill site located nearest to you.


Rates depend on your location & length of time the bin is required for your use. Tipping fees at landfill sites are set by the municipality & are additional (please refer to links below to estimate tipping fees).


To avoid extra charges at landfill sites, or for our time, find out how to sort items being placed in the bin by calling your municipality, or by reviewing the provided links about landfill sites close to you, tipping fees, sorting requirements & hazardous waste.


It is the customer's responsibility to become informed and sort items properly and we advise and support understanding these requirements. We do not handle hazardous waste.

Bin Rental Delivery

We are subject to the hours of local landfill sites. Please allow  3 days notice for delivery as we must schedule around these hours. There's no sense having a bin sit on your property longer than necessary, adding to your costs!  For those who require same day service for drop off & pick up, we can do it for an additional fee.


We look forward to serving your clean up & disposal needs!

Landfill Locations & Fees


Municipality of Highlands East  613-339-2442     Landfill Sites


Tipping Fees & Sorting Info     Municipality of Dysart et al  705-448-1740


Landfill Sites Hours, Tipping Fees & More


Sorting & Hazardous Waste

Landfill sites do not accept certain hazardous waste.  Therefore, we are unable to dispose of the items on the list found by clicking on the links below. Local landfill sites schedule times each spring when you are able to drop off these items. There are different requirements for each municipality.


Household Hazardous Waste Dates

Municipality of Highlands East      Municipality of Dysart et al



List of Hazardous Waste Items

Here is a list of what cannot be included in our bins. Set them aside & bring these items to landfill sites on hazardous waste day.

Municipality of Highlands East  see "What Can I Bring"      Municipality of Dysart et al


Cottage Kit Letter

(for Seasonal Residents)

You may want to download & display this letter in your home or cottage for renters & guests to know how to recycle & properly dispose of garbage in this area.

Municipality of Highlands East   Waste Management Cottage Kits


Municipality of Dysart et al     Page with Link to Cottage Kit


Recycling Guide

Haliburton County





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