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Our Story

Rob Watson & Karen Warner have been cottagers and then residents in the Harcourt area, since 1971 and 1984, respectively.  Together, we steward a property called Gaia’s Den where our original woodlot is located.  13 Oaks is our firewood & wood processing business born out of the stewardship of this land.


We now process firewood from the Old Martin Lumber Mill on Elephant Lake Road in Harcourt. Pick up is available. Best to call us before dropping by.


Equal Billing Firewood Program

We recognize that many of our neighbours burn firewood as their primary & secondary sources of home heating.  Our aim is to make this process convenient & affordable.  Therefore, we offer payment plan options for our clients who truly require assistance & qualify. To our knowledge, we are the only firewood company that offers this program.


Everyone should be able to afford heat for their homes.


All things come from the Earth Mother.  We live on a wheel of sustainability.  The trees, we call the Standing Ones, help to sustain us.  To the best of our intent & ability, we honour the trees that pass through 13 Oaks by implementing mindful & sustainable practices & policies, & by blessing the trees in shamanic ceremony before delivery. We can never give enough gratitude for the gifts of the trees.



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